The staff of upcoming anime adaptation of popular Square Enix smartphone game “Grimms Notes” has revealed that the opening theme song will be sung by Ayana Taketatsu, while the ending theme will be sung by i☆Ris!

The song titles are keeping in theme with the show, with the OP titled “Innocent Notes” and the ED titled “Endless Notes”. The show will air in Japan in January 2019.


“Grimms Notes” takes place in a world full of people known as “Story Tellers”, who are given “Books of Fates” that outline their lives in advance. However, there are also “Chaos Tellers” who rewrite these books, to ruin other peoples’ lives to their advantage.

The “Grimms Notes” mobile phone games have had over 1.6 million downloads since its launch in 2016. They are currently available on both the iTunes App Store and the Google Play store.