In 1978, a simple mecha anime titled Mobile Suit Gundam changed Japanese animation in its entirety. And now, 40 years later, the franchise is finally celebrating that big Four-O anniversary. Because this is such a huge deal that a franchise has remained popular for four decades now, they’re celebrating with a bang. In fact, they will be announcing details on the 40th anniversary celebrations very soon. To be specific, it will happen on 21st November at around 1:00 pm JST.

As the announcement is still a mystery, many fans have concocted theories regarding what it will be. Many assume that they’re announcing a new Gundam TV anime project, while others assume a new film series. However, others also theorise that they’re also planning a new life-size Gundam, as well as resume that forgotten project of making a moving life-size Gundam.

So, what do you guys think this new Gundam 40th anniversary announcement will be about?

Source: Gundam.Info