Just ask any anime fan, and he or she would likely have a waifu or a husbando. Many would even claim that they would want to marry them in real life! However, one man did what many otaku only ever dreamed of doing. Yes folks, he married Hatsune Miku!

The lucky groom is 35-year old Akihiko Kondo, who really splurged on the marriage ceremony. In fact, he even spent around 2 million yen for doing a formal ceremony at a wedding hall in Tokyo. He even sent out some invites, but his mother didn’t attend her own son’s wedding. This was mainly because he married a vocaloid hologram. But he shouldn’t worry as around 40 guests actually attended. As for Miku, a Miku plush doll came in to do the ceremony.

As for Kondo himself, he said that he would never cheat on her. He also added that he’s always thinking about Miku every single day. He now lives with his waifu (as a hologram) at his home in Tokyo.

Gatebox, the company which made the virtual Miku hologram, has now issued more than 3,700 marriage certificates to individuals who wanted to marry Miku. Mr. Kondo, being one of these people, would regularly talk to their waifu by phone, or by the bed before they go to sleep. In fact, he also has a Miku dakimakura he can cuddle up with…

source and images: AFP