Kemono Friends have been partnering with zoos, and it’s been very effective. Zoos around Japan have reported increases in visitors since the anime aired. And now, the franchise is partnering with Kamine Zoo in Hitachi city, Ibaraki Prefecture. And this one is gonna be special, as the collaboration will introduce two new Friends, Japanese Cormorant and Great Cormorant.

They’re introducing the two new Friends as the Japanese Cormorant is Hitachi City’s official bird. In fact, they’re adding a cormorant exhibit as part of their newly-opened reptile house, which will also introduce 40 types of reptiles.

Umiu (Japanese Cormorant)

Kawau (Great Cormorant)

These two new Friends will be canon, making their first appearances in the collaboration. This will be all part of the zoo’s 60th anniversary project, and it will run from 18 November until 30 December 2018. In addition, they will also be distributing special can badges for the various Friends within the zoo. of course, this would include Umiu and Kawau.

source: Hitachi City official