San-X’s “Rilakkuma” character is getting a new anime from Netflix, and it will debut globally on 19 April 2019. But before that happens, the global streaming service has unveiled a new trailer, along with a key visual:

Netflix also confirmed that Mikako Tabe is voicing Kaoru for the anime. They also confirmed that they’re streaming it across 190 countries and territories around the globe.

Dwarf Studio, the same studio behind Domo-kun, will be using stop motion animation for the series. Masahito Kobayashi is directing the anime, with Naoko Ogigami writing the scripts. It will have 11-minute episodes, and it will also have a total of 13 episodes.

The anime will follow an office worker named Kaoru who suddenly has a new roommate, and that of course is Rillakkuma. The bear really doesn’t do much but relax and laze around the apartment. What’s more is that it has a zipper in its back, which makes Kaoru think about what’s inside. Korilakkuma also makes an appearance, along with Kiiroitori, who appears to be Kaoru’s pet. Netflix has announced that they will be streaming the anime across 190 countries around the world.