Japanese national broadcaster NHK has just announced that they will be hosting a special version of their popular singing contest “Nodojiman” (literally “Proud of my Voice”)! The 2nd January 2019 edition of the program will feature a singing contests amongst Japan’s Virtual YouTubers!

© Kizuna AI

Virtual YouTubers who will be participating in the event include: Rin Shizuka, Hina Suzuki, Hime Tanaka, Mito Tsukino, Dennou Shoujo Siro, Sora Tokino, Kaede Higuchi, Aoi Fuji, Akari Mirai, and YuNi. Legendary enka singer Sachiko Kobayashi as well as the world’s most popular VTuber Kizuna AI will also be making a special appearance.

The evet will be hosted by another virtual character, Odaguchi 1000. Check out the official website for more detials!