Ah, the Elite 4… four of the most powerful and elite trainers in a region. The most iconic of them may just be the original ones, Lorelei, Bruno, Agatha, and Lance. And now, they’re making their return, as Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee’s new trailer reveals:

The new trailer also previews the gym leaders, as well as Team Rocket. It also teases Meltan and Melmetal, which you can only get by trading with a friend (or yourself) who has Pokemon GO.

The game combines the classic Pokemon feel with gym leaders like Brock and Misty, as well as the new Pokemon GO feel. In fact, this new game seems to combine the classic main Pokemon games with the popular mobile AR game. It’s also getting a few elements from the Sun and Moon games like Pokemon Ride.

The games themselves take us back to the original region of Kanto, and will feature the original 150 Pokemon. They get their inspiration from Pokemon Yellow Version, the Gameboy Color game which featured Pikachu as the starter. The Pikachu version of the game will feature Pikachu as your starter Pokemon, while the Eevee version will feature… well… Eevee as the starter.

As previously revealed, Pokemon GO also inspires some of the game’s features. You can even transport some Gen-1 Pokemon from Pokemon GO into the game itself. And to do this, they must use a Bluetooth connection to make the trade possible. Players can use one of the Joy Con’s motion controls to catch Pokemon as well. As for its map, much like Pokemon GO, it will display which Pokemon are near you in an area. This makes it easier for players to choose their wild Pokemon battles. And yes, this makes avoiding Zubats in the Dark Cave much easier as well.

Another big addition in the game is the Co-op play. This is the first time the Pokemon games are doing something like this, and players can now finally play side-by-side each other in their journey.

Nintendo will also be releasing a special Pokeball accessory called the Pokeball Plus. Players can use them to catch Pokemon, as well as bring Pikachu with you wherever you go.

As for the game itself, Nintendo will be releasing them along with the Pokeball Plus by 16 November 2019.