Netflix has been expanding their original animation ever so rapidly, and now, they’re doing another shoujo anime. According to a Rakuten Books website listing, Yumi Tamura’s 7SEEDS shoujo manga is getting an anime adaptation. Specifically, it showed the cover of the upcoming January 2019 issue of the Monthly Flowers magazine which announced the new anime. It also reveals that it will be a Netflix-exclusive series.

The manga follows seven individuals stranded on a mysterious island. They’re all strangers who have no idea how they got into that island. However, everything changes when a “guide” appears to explain to them that the world has ended, and the government had them cryogenically frozen to ensure humanity’s survival. After learning that they survived the catastrophe and are somewhere in Japan, the group bands together to survive.

The manga itself had quite the success in its long run, which lasted from 2001 until 2017. It received plenty of awards nominations, as well as plenty of critical and fan acclaim. Its biggest win was getting the Best Shoujo manga award during the 52nd Annual Shigakukan Manga Awards in 2007. Expect Netflix or Monthly Flowers to reveal more details soon enough.