Japan’s tourism industry is pumping more and more money into Japan’s economy, and a chunk of that comes from anime tourism. In fact, it’s actually quite common for several cities and towns to turn to anime to promote their tourism. These include anime hotspots like Oarai (Girls und Panzer) and Chichibu (AnoHana). However, one city in Saitama, Souka City, is trying to get more visitors this way as well. In fact, they partnered with Pony Canyon to release this 15-minute tourism ad:

The new ad celebrates Souka City’s 60th anniversary, and follows a character named Souta. Souta was born in Saitama, but moved to Tokyo for work. He’s currently engaged to Miki, and they plan to move to Souka together. And as Souta is house-hunting, he sees a bird and follows it to a woman named Akiko.

Junya Enoki voices Souta in the ad, while Ai Kakuma voices Miki. And to add more local flare, Souka City-native Youko Honna voices Akiko. The anime short’s title is “Kimi no Matsu Basho e” (To the Place Where You Wait).

Source: Animate Times