Gintama is known for all its weird merchandise, and for this year’s Jump Festa event, they’re adding another one. This new item is an ita-fork, and for those who don’t know Japanese, ita usually means pain. And this ita-fork really brings in that pain… just looking at it makes my butt hurt…

Ensky created the silverware with a fork sticking out of Gintoki’s butt. They call it the”Gintoki’s 3000 Leagues in Search of a Scabbard Very Stabby Fork”, and it recreates the scene from the anime’s 334th episode. However, instead of a fork, that episode featured a sentient sword using poor Gintoki’s behind as a scabbard. It will cost 1,500 yen, but unfortunately, it will only be available during Jump Festa.

The Makuharui Messe in Chiba will be hosting this year’s event, and it’s happening from 22nd-23rd November.

source: Official Gintama Twitter Page