Golden Village is back with another excellent offering for fans looking for satisfying alternatives to mainstream Hollywood hits! “Shiren & Ragi” is the feature film adaptation of the stage play of the same name, and casts award-winning actress Hiromi Nagasaku and “Battle Royale” and “Death Note” star Tatsuya Fujiwara as the eponymous Shiren and Ragi.

Unlike watching “Shiren & Ragi” as a play, the film adaptation lets the audience zoom in on the action — so you can see the actors’ facial expressions and minute body language that would be otherwise drowned out onstage. You also get to enjoy the added panache of razor-sharp editing and the occasional post-production effect.

Another advantage of the film over the play is the inclusion of subtitles, which will help non-Japanese audience members connect with the story and the characters. The translations of the comedic scenes in particular were very well-done! They were able to capture even the complicated word-play that made up some of the show’s funnier jokes.

Lastly, the cheeky addition of modern props and contemporary language were hilariously tongue-in-cheek, and served as a great foil for the show’s action and drama sequences. We definitely recommend “Shiren & Ragi” to fans of not just its recognizable stars, but Japanese pop culture as a whole.

• Event Information
Shiren & Ragi

23 November 2018, 8:30PM
GV Suntec City Hall 3

23 November 2018, 3:00PM
GV Grand, GEMINI Hall 2

$18 (Member) / $22 (Public)
$42 per pair (member) / $48 per pair (Public)
Tickets available via Golden Village