When it comes to doujinshi and other derivative works, Tsuburaya is very strict, and they actually disallow them. And with the new SSSS.Gridman anime, many fans are afraid they might not see fan-made works. However, the company has updated their policy towards doujinshi in regards to SSSS.Gridman’s popularity. Yes folks, they’re now allowing doujins!

However, there are some limitations to this. Regarding the use of materials, they’re prohibiting the copying or tracing of production materials. These include images, videos, logos, and so on. However, this does not apply to derivative works such as illustrations, manga, and novels. As for the production and distribution of derivative works, those who do them must produce them in accordance to the guidelines they have presented. However, these works must not infringe on public order or the rights of others. And now, for the one that everyone is waiting for, the doujinshi. According to the new guidelines, they must not exceed the category of “fan activities”. Those who go into production and distribution of doujinshi for commercial purposes may have their sales suspended byn Tsuburaya. However, the guidelines do admit that they cannot respond to inquiries about individual fan works.

So yes guys, better expect those Akane or Rikka doujins, as well as other fan works soon…

source: SSSS.Gridman official website via Kai-you