Renowned animator Hisashi Kagawa is pretty popular in the animation industry. This may be because he has worked as character designer for many popular anime like Tiger Mask W. However, his most popular work may just be for the original Sailor Moon anime, where he worked as animator, key animator, and even episode director. And during a trip to Guangzhou, China, he showed that he hasn’t lost a beat, drawing Sailor Jupiter live.

He appeared in the city as a special guest for a recent art exhibition. However, it seems that the character designer had some trouble in his drawing. Because he was doing the illustration vertically, he admitted that his waist hurt horribly after finishing. He also tried his best not to hit the nearby speaker with his elbows as he drew. But none the less, he still completed the drawing!

Kagawa has worked on many other anime, including Toriko and Glass Mask. He also contributed in the designs of several characters from 2009’s Fresh Pretty Cure series.