Date A Live returns with a new season, a new studio, and of course, new spirits. And now, the anime’s staff have unveiled the anime’s very first full PV! It also teases the anime’s OP song, “I Swear” by ARMS.

After Production IMS closed due to bankruptcy, many were wondering what would happen to the Date A Live anime. But fret not folks, because J.C. Staff has taken over the animation production for Date A Live III.

The video also teases the 7th spirit, Natsumi, with Ayumi Mano will be voicing this brand new spirit. They also revealed the anime’s 11th January premiere via AT-X and other networks.

Keitaro Motonaga is returning to direct the anime, with Hideki Shirane also returning for Series Composition. J.C. Staff will be the third studio to handle the franchise, the other two being AIC PLUS+and the now-bankrupt Production IMS.