The story of Heaven’s Feel, Sakura Matoh’s route in the original Fate/Stay Night visual novel, continues with the second film, Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel II. lost butterfly. And now, Aniplex has started streaming the anime’s full trailer. It also previews Aimer’s new theme song for the film, “I beg you”.

They also announced a special treat for the fans who watch the film in its first week of screening. This is because they’ll receive a special Saber Alter illustration board by Takashi Takeuchi.

The staff previously confirmed that 151 theatres across Japan will be screening the film. They also confirmed that there will also be international releases as well, after the film’s 12th January Japanese debut.

The Heaven’s Feel trilogy will be adapting the Sakura Matoh route from the original Fate/Stay Night visual novel. The original Visual Novel by Type-Moon featured three routes, one for Saber (Fate), one for Rin Tohsaka (Unlimited Blade Works), and one for Sakura (Heaven’s Feel). The film trilogy is the first time that Heaven’s Feel is getting an adaptation, as the previous two already have theirs. Studio Deen adapted the Fate route in 2006, and also did an anime film about the Unlimited Blade Works Route. Meanwhile, ufotable  also adapted Unlimited Blade Works, but into a 2-cour TV anime.