It looks like the life-size Unicorn Gundam and the Rainbow bridge ain’t the only ones doing lights-shows in Odaiba. This is because Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind is doing one as well! Specifically, they’re teaming up with Odaiba’s VenusFort for a holiday-themed lights show starring the characters from Golden Wind.

The Jojo Christmas lights show kicked off last night, 8th December, and will continue everyday until Christmas. This would only be Christmas however, as they scheduled it only until the 25th. And if lights aren’t enough, they’re also featuring a special Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure-themed Christmas tree as well. They also have an exhibition corner there too, featuring artworks, as well as a few materials from the anime.

And speaking of the Jojo Christmas tree, they also launched a twitter campaign for it. Those who take their picture with the tree with the hashtag #jojo_christmas will receive a special postcard. However, this is only until supplies last.

Source: Anime! Anime!