Magical Girl Site is one of 2018’s most twisted, disturbing, and darkest anime. It’s a horror series which featured magical girls trying to kill each other while an apocalypse is approaching, and it definitely attracted much controversy on how dark its story is.

However, the manga is shocking fans even more these days, and that’s because of its mangaka. If you follow his series, you’d know that Kentarou Satou has a pretty sick mind when it comes to its story. But did you know he’s insanely ripped as well? And that’s not all, because he’s also joining the Japanese TV show, Sasuke, as a contestant. And for those who don’t know what that is, it’s Japan’s version of American Ninja Warrior.

The very ripped mangaka showed off a picture of himself (face-covered) and his abs. He then announced he will be competing in Sasuke. However, since he didn’t show his face, fans were wondering how will they spot him? Well, Satou-sensei simply said that he’ll be the one with #47 on his back. He also said that he’ll be appearing in the TV show’s New Year special.

Now that image should silence a few Magical Girl Site haters for a while, right? The Sasuke New Year Special will be airing in Japan on New Year’s Eve, at around 6pm JST. Their twitter page will be introducing the contestants soon, so better watch out for one of the most brutal mangaka today out there.