After Tatsuki’s firing, fans have shown their overwhelming support for the director, as well as studio Yaoyorozu. But even with the overwhelming fan support for the former staff, the Kemono Friends anime went ahead with season 2 with a new staff and studio. Ryuichi Kimura will be taking over as director, though it seems that many loyal Kemono Friends fans still aren’t on board. For them, it’s still “No Tatsuki, No Tanoshii”.

But now, director Kimura has spoken, and made a promise to all the fans, Tatsuki loyalists included. He said that they will respect Season 1’s story, and will continue to have sci-fi elements. He also admitted that he’s been trying to include “interesting” elements from season 1 as well. the director says he wants to retain the anime’s “relaxing feel” and will also be retaining the simple story with a compelling mystery.

However, he also claimed that he’s not that important in the creation of Season 2. He said that “anyone could direct Kemono Friends 2”, and added that everyone would be happier if they were able to enjoy an interesting anime without thinking about who is the director.

Previously, Kimura did say that the new season’s story structure is “hardly any different” from season 1. However, with fans still wanting Tatsuki to return, it’s still up in the air how successful season 2 will be.

Kemono Friends Season 2 will premiere on 7 January 2019.

Source: Akiba Souken