The New York Times has now released their list of the best shows of 2018. Among them are a few expected titles like the spy drama, The Americans. They also listed a few international TV shows, which include one very big surprise. This is the TV anime known as  “A Place Further Than The Universe,” which gained some very big critical acclaim when it aired earlier last winter.

The New York Times’ Mike Hale describes the anime in the piece as:

a funny and moving coming-of-age story that should translate across all boundaries of age or culture. Never mawkish or contrived, it’s an absolutely authentic depiction of how friendship can overcome adolescent anxiety and grief

When the anime aired, it also grabbed the attention of many Singaporeans. Of course, the main reason for this is because the Antarctica expedition stopped by the country for an episode.

Congratulations A Place Further Than The Universe!!!!

Source: The New York Times