When it comes to being an anime hotspot, Ikebukuro could rival even Akihabara. And it’s even trying to appeal more to anime fans as it launched a new PR campaign called “Sacred Place for Anime: Ikebukuro”. They even launched new PR anime online to appeal more to anime fans. And they didn’t just ask any old anime studio to do it too! This is because it’s none other than SHAFT which produced the CMs:

Yukio Takatsu, who served as director for several Monogatari anime OPs, directed the CMs. Meanwhile, K-On!’s Reiko Yoshida wrote the story and script. And if the characters look familiar, it’s because Monogatari series’ character designer Akio Watanabe designed them. They even released a new Watanabe-designed key visual for the campaign as well:

The story’s setting is in 2020, where Ikebukuro has undergone plenty of development. This includes the upcoming Hareza Ikebukuro building complex, which will open on that year.

While Akihabara has been known to the world as Japan’s biggest anime hot spot, Ikebukuro has quietly made itself known to locals as an alternative. Akihabara has been the more mainstream choice to anime tourists, but Ikebukuro still has plenty of huge anime hot spots from the gigantic Animate Ikebukuro to Pokemon Mega Center. It’s also known for Otome Road, which has the reputation for being the capital of Japan’s fujoshi subculture. In other words, if Akiba is the otaku capital, Ikebukuro is the Fujoshi capital.