C3AFA Singapore, the biggest Japanese Pop Culture event in the South East Asian region held last 30th November to 1st December 2018, have just played host to hot Japanese musical duo GARNiDELiA! MARiA and Toku are also slated to have their very first solo concert in Singapore on 13th April 2019!

We’re so excited at So Japan to be able to sit down with them and ask them a few questions before their awe-inspiring performance at C3FA Singapore 2018. Check it out below!

GARNiDELiA announced a Singapore stop in their new Asia tour. Is there any surprises that you can share with us?

Maria: The surprise is a secret that is why it is called a surprise! As this will be our first one-man live in Singapore and we hope to make it as enjoyable as we can for everyone.

Gokuraku Jodo has reached over 40 million views on Youtube. Many people around the world are doing dance covers for it. What do you feel about this?

Maria: It makes me really happy that people around the world are loving our music. As seen in the song, much Japanese culture is incorporated into this song and we hope that fans would learn the beauty of Japanese culture. We are extremely thrilled that many fans accepted and love this song.

Recently, you wrote the song “Truth” for Trysail. Can you tell us about if you are looking for more collaborations with other artistes?

Maria: It is more of providing the song for Trysail. Whenever I write a song, it is more of using my style. However for this time, I continued to stay conscious of the girls from Trysail. In terms of image and character to create lyrics that more fit them.

Toku: The order was a dance tune. The image of Trysail was definitely not of dancing to a dance tune in the past.

To provide Trysail with this dance tune, seeing them with a different style dancing to the music I provided for them definitely made my very thrilled.

Maria: If for a collaboration, Angela. Or even 2-man with Yoshino Nanjo.

Could you tell us about the concept of the outfit in your music video “Kyouki Ranbu”.

Maria: Kyouki Ranbu is the compilation of all the dances we have danced before, in other words the best album. We want to show everyone in the world the beauty of Japanese culture, our style, also taking the colour blue which is our theme colour.

Your collaborations with MiUME and 217, how did this come about?

Maria: It started from the first solo album which was 6 years. As I was involved in singing and I felt it would be more fun to incorporate dancing too. At an event, I met MiUME and was also introduced 217. I thought that in order to make the dance more balanced, we thought having 3 dancers rather than 2, which is where MiUME introduced 217 and joined the group. The popularity of the group grew we continued up till now.

Your latest album “G.R.N.D” has many genres inside it. Could you tell us what made you think about incorporating these genres into your songs?

Maria: G.R.N.D is the roots of our song and it is made to express all of that. Before Garnidelia, I was a Jazz singer. With that Jazz style which followed me, I wanted to add Jazz into our music. Also I love R&B music and it was included. Adding all the things we love is the concept of this album.

Can you tell us about how did the galaxxxy modelling come about?

Maria: I really love western style clothes and was very close to the owner of galaxxxy. There was an anniversary party and I was invited to be a model for the anniversary party. That was how the offer came about.

Your outfits are always amazing. Is this all chosen or made by yourselves? If so, what is your inspiration for these outfits.

Maria: All the live outfits and outfits for the CD covers are personally produced by me. The concept of the music, I would decide on the image colours. Then, mix and match the outfits with photos and discuss it with stylists. To sum this up, I would be in charge of the image and Toku would be incharge of the music.

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GARNiDELiA stellacage Asia Tour 2019 ”響喜乱舞” in Singapore
Date: 13 April 2019 (Sat)

Venue: Zepp@BIGBOX Singapore
Doors Open/Show Start: 18:00/19:00 (Singapore Time)
Tickets: APACTix