Mob Psycho 100 is about to enter its second TV anime season. But before that happens, did you know that you can watch the second season’s premiere episode even before its general premiere? It will happen during C3 AFA Singapore‘s Day Stage on 2 December 2018, Sunday! Yes folks, we will screen the premiere episode tomorrow! So now, let’s talk about what happened during Season 1 to catch up on the events of Mob’s life… (OK, before we proceed, it’s only fair to issue a spoiler warning to everyone):

The anime and manga follow the exploits of the emotionally-repressed (and psychically-gifted) teen, Kageyama Shigeo (a.k.a. Mob). Now, Mob tries his best to keep his emotions in check or else he would explode into this ultra-powerful and unstoppable esper. Mob always has a percentage counter to keep track of his stress levels, and he always explodes to nigh-unstoppable every time he reaches 100.

And to keep his berserk tendencies in check, he follows his “psychic tutor”, Reigen. However, Reigen doesn’t seem to have psychic powers, and only uses Mob to run his psychic detective business. Well, for that, he mainly uses Mob’s powers to get jobs done while he takes all the credit with his protegee’s hard work. But even if that’s the case, Reigen still deeply cares for Mob… in his own unique way I guess…

With Reigen’s “guidance”, Mob has done plenty of great feats. This would include taking down various spirits and all sorts of powerful entities. However, he did manage to take down a few without Reigen’s… um… help (?). One of the biggest examples was when he took down the infamous LOL cult to help Ichi Mezato, a member of the journalist club. There, he meets the ghost who would constantly haunt him (in hilarious ways), Dimple.

Now, Mob is a very socially-awkward boy who sees his psychic powers more as a curse than a gift. Because of his powers, his school’s Telepathy club tries to recruit him, but he instead tries to build his body and joins his school’s local fitness/muscle-building club, the Body Improvement Club to impress his crush. Well, let’s just say that the non-physically-gifted Mob struggled a lot with his new club’s routines.

Now, Mob has had plenty of showdowns with other espers as well. His most famous one may be against Teruki Hanazawa, a powerful and brash esper who terrorised a few of Mobs friends. However, he’s also one of the few people at the receiving end of one of Mob’s rampages when he gets to 100%.

In school, Mob lives in the shadow of his more popular brother, Ritsu. However, Ritsu himself feels a bit inferior to Mob because of his psychic powers. However, Ritsu got his chance to awaken his own repressed powers when y Ichi Mezato tried recruiting them because of their psychic gifts. Ritsu meets other espers who aren’t as strong as Mob, though he eventually begins to develop his own powers, and he’s quite strong too! However, he does get kidnapped by the esper organization known as Claw. Well, it didn’t take long for Mob to rescue his wayward younger brother, and finally, Reigen became useful when he showed up out of nowhere to help with the rescue.

And despite all of this happening in his life, Mob still wants to live a normal everyday life. Will he get that in Season 2? Well, we might find out what happens next tomorrow during the C3 AFA Singapore Day Stage!