Zombie Land Saga has proven to be one of 2018’s biggest and most unexpected surprises. From its mysterious premise to Mamoru Miyano’s over-the-top voice acting (seriously, he sounds like he’s having too much fun as Koutarou), the anime has wowed many fans. However, it recently ended its 12-episode run, which made many fans sad. And as it finally aired that last episode, fellow Cygames stalwart, Umamusume, posted a tribute:

Umamusume anime character designer, Yousuke Kabashima illustrated the artwork as tribute. It features¬†Special Week, Silence Suzuka, Gold Ship, and the rest of Team Spica as Franchouchou. They’re recreating Zombie Land Saga’s opening, which itself is a tribute to the old tokusatsu shows.

Cygames has a hand in both series, though they weren’t really secretive with Umamusume. However, the crossover tribute did make fans do a double-take when they released it.

source: Zombie Land Saga official twitter page