Yahoo! has a different search engine for each country or territory. There’s Yahoo! Japan, Yahoo! Philippines, and Yahoo! Singapore just to name a few. However, it seems that the internet giant has launched a new kind of search engine… for a fictional planet from Dragon Ball! And no, we’re not talking about Planet Nemek, but the Saiyan homeworld of Planet Vegeta.

The new site ties in with the new Dragon Ball Super: Broly anime film. Yahoo! Japan is powering it, and it will be available until 16 February 2019. The website provides information relevant to Saiyans, from scouter power levels to good battle spots, and of course, food! They even launched a new blog written by a “Saiyan who lives in Earth”. According to the blog’s profile, he’s collecting info on strong people in order to invade the planet. It also features several informative pages such as Dragon Ball character information… up to 40 of them.

There are also random pages which range from horoscopes to random Dragon Ball appearances. And once you collect all seven Dragon Balls, Shenron will appear! However, it should be noted that this page will only be for mobile. And to access it, one must log into his/her Yahoo! Japan account. And unfortunately, there’s still no English language version for this site yet…

Source: Comic Natalie