What happens when a demon faces off with a magical girl? Well, comedy of course! This is because the March issue of Manga Time Kirara Karat has announced that Izumo Ito’s Machikado Mazoku (Street Corner Demon). Japanese retailer HMV listed the March issue of the magazine, and its cover announces the anime.

According to the cover announcement, TBS and BS-TBS will be airing the anime. As for the manga, it follows the ever-unlucky Yuuko Yoshida. She becomes a demon and is cursed by something called the “curse of a 40,000 yen-per-month living”. And to lift the curse, she must defeat her town’s local magical girl. Problem is, even if she does have a tail and a pair of horns, she’s weaker than an ordinary girl.

As of writing, they haven’t released much details on the anime yet. Expect Manga Time Kirara Karat to make more announcements in the future.

Source: HMV