The comedy anime, Dropkick on My Devil, recently held their “The Final ~Sugoi Sabato 2019” event in Tokyo. There, the staff revealed something that fans are rejoicing about right now. Yes folks, we’re getting more of Jashin-chan and her friends because the anime is getting a second season! The anime’s official twitter page later confirmed the event’s stage announcement as well.

The decision came from the fact that the anime’s home video sales for both Blu-ray and DVD box sets have sold over 2,000 copies. This guarantees that the anime is indeed getting a second season. In October, the staff previously promised they will do a second season if they ever sell over 2,000 Blu-ray and DVD box sets. In total, the first box sold 1,043 copies, while the second box sold 958 copies.

Aside from the second season, the staff also revealed that thy’re also launching the “Jinbō-chō Aika” character song CD project. Unfortunately, they did not reveal much details on this release as of writing.