Girly Air Force has finally premiered in Japan, and it stars seiyuu Yuuka Morishima as JAS-39D Gripen. In a new video from Avex Pictures, the seiyuu recently stopped by a hobby shop to purchase a plastic model of her character. Well, at least her aircraft version. She also tried her hand at building one as well. Luckily, there was an expert right there to help her.

Well, it looks like she had lots of fun, and she may be building some more models soon. Here’s to hoping that she does…

As for Girly Airforce, it’s now airing, and is the latest in the long line of military-themed anime to come out. Based on Kouji Natsumi’s light novels, the anime follows anthropomorphic fighter jets fighting an unknown menace known as Zai. Here’s how Crunchyroll describes its story:

Mysterious flying creatures called Zai suddenly appear and overwhelm all of mankind’s aerial combat forces. To fight them, mankind modifies existing aircraft frames to create mechanized soldiers called “Daughters,” which are operated by automated piloting mechanisms called “Anima” that have the appearance of human girls. The story begins when Narutani Kei, a boy who yearns to take to the skies, encounters a shining red aircraft and its pilot, an Anima named Gripen who has been named mankind’s trump card.