Shirodaira’s supernatural novel “In/Spectre” (“虚構推理”, “Kyokou Suiri”) — which has been adapted into a popular manga series by Chasiba Katase, will be getting an anime adaptation as teased by the show’s official website.

© Shirodaira・Chasiba Katase・Kodansha / Kyokou Suiri Production Committee

“Kyokou Suiri” tells the story of Kotoko — a girl who has been kidnapped by spirits, and subsequently returned to the real world without an eye and a leg, but with a powerful ability to communicate with spirits in exchange. She encounters a boy named Kuro who has the same abilities, and together they try to fight evil beings from the spirit world.

Produced Brain’s Base, the show will be directed by Keiji Gotoh (“Kiddy Grade”, “Sengoku Collection”) and written by “Noboru Takagi” (“Durarara!!”, “Golden Kamuy”, “Kuroko’s Basketball”). Additional staff members and voice cast, as well as the targeted broadcast date are yet to be announced.