While Conan has plenty of gadgets like his tie and his skateboard, his rival, Kaitou Kid, has a lot too. One example is his card gun, which shoots out cards instead of bullets, befitting of a magician. Now, Kid’s iconic gun is inspiring a cool new glow stick!

Like most glow sticks, it can change colour at the press of the button. It features nine different colours, so users can change it to fit the song that’s playing in a concert.

However, if you don’t plan in using this as a glow stick, don’t worry, because it can fire its cards too! By pressing the trigger, one can unleash the cards, much like Kaito Kid’s real card gun.

Premium Bandai is now accepting pre-orders for 4,500 yen. They will be accepting pre-orders only until 13 February 2019, before shipping them out in May 2019.

source: Anime! Anime!