Kingdom Hearts III finally hits Japan today, 25th January 2019! And now, the official PlayStation YouTube channel has revealed a brand new “Gameplay Explanation” video. It is as the title says, and doesn’t just explain the gameplay, but some of the background and story as well.

The game will feature many Disney worlds such as Frozen, Big Hero Six, Pirates of the Caribbean, Monsters Inc., Tangled, and Toy Story. Aside from the worlds and playable Disney characters, Kingdom Hearts III will also feature other lovable Disney characters as NPCs, as well as summons. One of the confirmed summoning characters is the one and only Wreck-It-Ralph.

Square Enix will first release the game for PlayStation 4 and Xbox ONE in Japan on 25th January. It will then head out here in Southeast Asia, as well as Southeast Asia, later for the same consoles on 29th January.