Tsurune fans, rejoice! This is because the archer boys are returning in March for an extra 14th episode. It will come bundled with the anime’s vol. 5 home video release. Of course, this will be for both the Blu-ray and the DVD versions.

According to the announcement, the extra episode will first make its debut in March during a 2-day event for Tsurune in Samegahara. It will then come bundled with the Vol. 5 Blu-ray and DVD release on 1 May 2019.

The “extra episode” will introduce the famous idol Noririn, who drops by the Yatanomori archery dojo to do a photo shoot. Unfortunately, Masa and Minato have no idea who he is, and the others are indifferent. However, things get a lot more complicated when a big-time Noririn fan named Sase gets involved. And yes, their competitors show up when the idol visits as well.

source: Ota-Suke