Who says humans are the only ones who can cosplay? Now, Bandai has a special treat for all you dog and cat people out there, with their new Charpetio line. It features new cosplay costumes for cats and dogs for both Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball. This means your little “children” can dress up as Goku, Vegeta, Sailor Moon, and the other Sailor Senshii.

But if your pet hates dressing up, don’t worry, because Bandai is also offering up several other items. These include new Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball-themed accessories such as toys, beds and pillows. They also have carry bags for your furry little friends as well.

Charpetio will officially launch in March this year, so why not give yourself a treat by dressing your pets up as Sailor Moon or a Z-Fighter… against their will.

Source: Comic Natalie