The name Kinoko Nasu is synonymous with the Fate franchise. Not only is he responsible for Fate, but other Type-Moon works as well, including Tsukihime and others. He recently sat down with 4Gamer for a recent interview, and there, he discussed Fate/Grand Order.

During that interview, Nasu dropped a huge bombshell. There, he said that they’re planning to end Fate/Grand Order’s story in the second arc. He has already written the ending, and even said Aniplex has already approved it in fact. And with that, Nasu admitted that they will try to do everything they wanted within the current second arc.

The Fate co-creator also anticipated that fans would demand a continuation. To this, he said that it would be difficult to write about something which has already ended. However, he’s still open to the possibility, citing Undertale’s various endings as the example. As to whether the fans will feel that they’re at a loss after finishing the story, Nasu says he wants them to. In fact, he wants fans to feel how he felt when he finished Final Fantasy IV, one of his biggest inspirations.

Source: 4Gamer