Guess who’s back with a new anime film? Yes folks, it’s Lupin III! According to the official Twitter account for NTV’s Kinyou Road Show, the globe-trotting master thief will star in a new feature-length film. The announcement also stated that it will open sometime in winter 2019.

They made the announcement as NTV aired the Lupin III Italian Game TV anime special. And aside from that, NTV will also be having a new TV special on the same timeslot on 25th January. Its title is Lupin III: Goodbye Partner, and it will serve as the franchise’s 26th anime special. It will be a “completely original special” and will have a theme of “Jigen’s Betreyal”. In the anime, Jigen will be trying to kill Lupin, but Goemon ain’t having any of that and won’t forgive him for the betrayal.

As for this new film, they haven’t revealed anything exact yet. We don’t even know what its title is. But do expect them to reveal more details soon enough.