After revealing that Mewtwo will once again be the focus Pokemon for the latest Pokemon film, the Pokemon Company has now revealed a brand new trailer. They also unveiled a brand new visual as well, and both tease a 3DCG version of the genetic Pokemon.

Its title is Mewtwo’s Counterattack Evolution, with Kunihiko Yuyama returning to the Pokemon anime to direct it. He will direct it alongside Motonori Sakakibara (Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within). And speaking of big returns, the one who wrote the script for Pokemon: The First Movie, Takeshi Shudou, is also coming back to work on the new film’s script.

This will be the 22nd Pokemon film, and it will mark the 20 years since the first film premiered. In fact, it will be premiering on 12 July 2019, just a few days before Pokemon the First Movie’s 21st anniversary. The film made its Japanese debut back in 18 July 1998.

source: Comic Natalie