After police arrested two of the three men who assaulted her, NGT48 idol Maho Yamaguchi appeared before a crowd in a concert. There, the 23-year old offered an apology to the fans and staff for “causing trouble”. She says that she doesn’t want trouble for those who took care of her. The idol also said that she doesn’t want anyone to hate NGT because of the incident. And then, she added that she doesn’t want the same thing to happen to the other NGT48 girls.

Fans are divided with the apology, with some saying she should not have apologised.

In various Screenshots of her tweets, it seems that Yamaguchi was unhappy with how management handled her situation. She said that  NGT48 theater manager Etsurou Imamura promised her that the incident has been “taken care of”. However, she said that he remained silent, and that he has betrayed her. In a separate tweet, she blamed another NGT48 member for leaking her home address to her attackers. This then resulted to her going out to apologise to everyone.

This was the idol’s first appearance since news leaked of her attack. Sankei Sports noted that she’s now thinner than she was before, and the idol also acknowledged it on twitter. She says that stress has caused her to lose a lot of weight as of late.

NGT48’s talent agency AKS also recently released a statement regarding the events. There, they apologised for the trouble surrounding the incident, and that they’re working with police to investigate the issue. They also stated that one of the suspects accosted another NGT48 member on the street, forcing her tell where Yamaguchi lives and what time she returns home. This enabled the attackers to wait for her outside her home. The agency also confirmed that there’s also a third male “fan” implicated in the incident. They have now banned these three individuals from attending any NGT48 events and concerts. AKS also promised more measures to keep their members safer as well.

As for Yamaguchi herself, she told fans in her address that she hopes ” NGT48 will go in a new direction” after this incident. She says that she will work hard as Team G’s captain as well.

For Imamura, fans are now calling for his resignation. They even have an online fan petition via calling for it. They’re quite angry as to why they had to require the beloved idol to apologise in front of a crowd. The petition also demands an apology from the staff, as well as Imamura.