Actions speak louder than words, and that’s usually the case for many classic works. Older animated classics like Tom and Jerry or Charlie Chaplin’s old films prove that you don’t need dialogue to work. And that also applies to Japanese manga, with Ken Wakai’s Joshi Kausei providing a good example. Now, that dialogueless manga is getting itself a TV anime adaptation.

The staff have launched an official twitter page, which revealed the TV anime adaptation. It also revealed the anime’s key visual (as seen above), as well as the main cast. As to how the cast will act out in this so-called “silent anime” is still unknown.

Rika Tachibana as Momoko Futo

Tomomi Mineuchi as Shibumi Shibusawa

Yurika Kubo as Mayumi Koi

The manga follows the beautiful yet unlucky Momoko Futo, the cool beauty Shibumi, and the innocent Mayumi. The series has been known for not featuring any dialogue at all, just pictures and sound effects, as it follows the three girls’ daily lives.

The anime will premiere on April 2019. Holmes of Kyoto’s Noriyoshi Sasaki will direct the series, with EAST FISH STUDIO proving the animation production.