“BanG Dream!”‘s Roselia had their voice talents performed live at the concert “Vier” at Stellar Ball in Shinagawa, Tokyo on November 7, 2018!

This was a performance following their first Fan Meeting in September, in which their keyboardist Satomi Akesaka (as Rinko Shirokane) graduated from the band. Even though there are only four members, the girls were determined to put up a good performance to turn “Vier” into an event not to be missed.

Come witness their burning determination on stage, and also the legendary surprise moment where their new keyboardist, Kanon Shizaki was unveiled for the very first time!

“BanG Dream!” is a next generation girls band project, a mixed media franchise consisting of elements such as animation, comics, original songs and live performances. Furthermore, “BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!”, a mega-hit smartphone game that had its English version launched back in April last year, is centred around the world of “BanG Dream!” characters.

• Event Information
“Roselia Live Vier” Delayed Viewing in Singapore

26th January 2019
Golden Village Plaza Singapura
Tickets via GV