Irreverent comedy 4-koma “Pop Team Epic” has just announced its 4th season, with a startling new reveal! The latest iteration of the world-famous meme-tastic series will no longer be drawn by creator Ookawa Bkub, but by “Yatamomo” and “Color Recipe” author Harada! In an even more shocking twist, the new comic is now a BL (boys’ love) title!

© Ookawa Bkub/ Takeshobo・ King Records

Come to think of it, this development shouldn’t be as surprising, as Ookawa Bkub has threatened in the end of Season 3 that “Pop Team Epic” will be moved to the boys love comic editorial department of publisher Takeshobo. Looks like he’s just being a man (?) of his word!

In other news, Ookawa Bkub is also in charge of a new “Pop Team Epic” style comics for the latest Gundam film “Gundam Narrative“. “Pop Team Epic” is also releasing an exclusive line of merchandise for South East Asia, which is available via the So Japan/WOW Japan store!

With Ookawa Bkub swamped with projects, Harada is stepping in at the perfect time!