Back in November, rookie seiyuu Yuko Ono had to go into a hiatus due to some health issues. But now, Mauso Productions has revealed that their rising star is back from her medical break! Mausu Promotion President Takako Hasegawa said that Ono’s treatment went so well that the doctor has finally cleared her.

The seiyuu might still be new in the industry, but she already has a few main roles under her belt. Last season, she voiced Ulysses: Jeanne d’Arc and the Alchemist Knight’s titular female lead, Jeanne d’Arc. Her other lead roles include Magical Girl Site’s Aya Asagiri and Konohana Kitan’s Yuzu. She also voiced Jun-tan in Angel no 3P as well.

Meanwhile on twitter, Ono herself has said she has already begun working again. She hasn’t been to the social media platform during the duration of her break.