C3AFA Singapore 2018 — one of the Asia’s, if not the world’s, biggest Japanese pop culture events, played host to over 100,000 participants last 30th November to 1st December 2018 at the Suntec City Convention and Exhibition Centre in sunny Singapore.

Two of these participants are very special, in the form of voice actresses Ai Furihata and Shuka Saito from the hit multimedia franchise “Love Live! Sunshine!!” In Singapore to promote the upcoming release of the “LL! SS!!” movie, the two lovely and talented ladies sat down with So Japan for a quick and easy chat.

Check it out below!

Is this your first time in Singapore?

Furihata: It is actually my first time in Singapore!
Saito: This is my second time!

What do you most look forward to trying?

Furihata: There are many tourist spots in Singapore. I brought my own single lens camera to take as many photos as I can!

So Japan: For example the Merlion?
Saito: You definitely have to go to the Merlion.
Furihata: I would like to take the scenic views at night too.

How does the job of being a seiyuu compare to being a singer?

Saito: As I personify You Watanabe (her character in Love Live Sunshine) while doing both, I do not feel any difference while voicing or singing.
Furihata: Similarly, I take the stance of personating as Ruby Kurosawa while talking and dancing. Therefore I also do not feel any difference while voicing or singing.

If you were not working in the animation industry, what sort of job would you have liked?

Saito: Animal related jobs!
Furihata: Anything in particular?
Saito: Dogs!
Furihata: I love drawing very much. Maybe being an animator or mangaka?

You have a very busy schedule these days promotion your new film. What do you do to relax?

Furihata: I have 3 siblings at home, going home is my form of relaxation.
Saito: Recently, I would read Mangas to relax..
Furihata/Saito: Its totally different.. (laughs)
Saito: Manga is one of it but I also love to play with dogs. I feel relaxed whenever I play with them.

Please give a message to your fans in Singapore.

Saito: We would definitely like to return to Singapore as a group! We will continue to work hard and make it happen one day.
Furihata: Including today’s event, we learnt the love and compassion our Singapore fans showed to us. We will continue to work hard and return one day!