with BattleSky Brigade: TapTap

Image: BattleSky Brigade: TapTap facebook

Looking for something to do during the weekends or during that long bus trip to work? Then this new game from Singaporean developer, BATTLEBREW Production, is just for you!

Available on Android Play Store for early access

Do check out their Facebook page.

The game can be considered a mindless taping match, where players basically tap on the screen to earn credits. The credits would then be used to upgrade the Island with more facilities and troops.

Those would, in turn, allow the player to gain more per tap or passively per second. By end of the first 3 hours…

The amount of credit involved can look ridiculously huge… Have you even heard of 157.8799ad?

157,879,900,000,000,000 credits
I think…

The Smolians – rabbit like cutie~

Don’t blame me if you just wasted 5 hours on a Sunday morning on this game, like me. I’ll go continue to tap tap some more.