2018 brought us plenty of great anime. Unfortunately, the number of great anime for the year also meant that these great anime also overshadowed other great series as well. We take a look at each season and determine which anime may be the most underrated during that period. We’re looking at the most underrated each season, and they’re the anime which did not get much love despite being rather good.

Winter 2018:
Mitsuboshi Colors

Saying that the winter 2018 season was packed is a bit of an understatement. It featured heavy hitters like Darling in the Franxx, Violet Evergarden, Teasing Master Takagi-san, and of course, A Place Further Than The Universe. However, it also meant a lot of other anime lived under their shadow, including this one. It’s about three little girls, and before you call the cops, please hear me out. The anime is really fun to watch, as the girls get into trouble for the most mundane of things. It’s genuinely funny, and the characters, from the supporting cast all the way to the loli trio known as the colors are all quite lovable. Now please, don’t call the cops, we like the anime, and not just because of the leads.

Spring 2018:

Want an anime that’s not mainstream but will genuinely make your stomachs hurt from laughing out loud? Then go watch Hinamatsuri. The anime follows a Yakuza gangster who meets an overpowered psychic child. Now, he becomes her foster father, and comedy ensues.

Summer 2018:
Angolmois: Record of Mongol Invasion

This action-packed period piece is full of action and drama which tells of the Mongol Invasion of Japan. We all know how it ended with the dreaded storm known to the Japanese as the Kamikaze, and how it wiped out the Mongol threat. However, few actually know that the Japanese and the Mongols actually took part in a few skirmishes before the storm hit. This is a great Samurai period piece, and if you’re into historical works, this one is for you!

Autumn 2018:
Run with the Wind

Run with the Wind has all the trappings of a great sports anime, with a legendary animation studio like Production I.G. animating it. It also has critics talking, saying the anime is one of the year’s best. Unfortunately, it seems that not everyone is talking about it as they should. It got caught the shadow of the season’s popularity heavyweights, such as SSSS.Gridman and Goblin Slayer. However, we believe this is still one of the best autumn had to offer, and that’s why we say it’s very underrated.