Everyone’s favorite diminutive tutor is back, and so are his princely students! And this time, they’re starring in their very own The Royal Tutor anime film. Now, the staff have revealed a new trailer, amd it features the film’s theme song “Parallel na Kankei” (Parallel Connection) by Shougo Sakamoto.

Mangaka Higasa Akai will be serving in the new film as a supervisor and will oversee the scripts. As for the film itself, it will introduce two new characters, and they are Ivan and Eugene Aleksandrovich. The two are twin princes of the Ramano kingdom, and have a reputation to be quite sadistic.

As for the staff, Katsuya Kikuchi will be returning from the TV anime to direct, while Kimiko Ueno will also be handling the script. Finally, Rena Okuyama will be returning as both the character designer and chief animation director. Much of the cast will also be reprising their roles for the film as well. It will premiere on 16 February 2019.