When it comes to shoujo manga, one of the biggest names out there is Bessatsu Margaret. The magazine is or was home to many memorable shoujo manga titles. These include classics and popular titles like Orange, Itazura na Kiss, Kimi ni Todoke, Ore Monogatari, and Wolf Girl & Black Prince.

And now, a 13-year-old mangaka named Nana Hoshiki will be making her debut for the magazine’s March 2019 edition. Her debut work will be a 16-page manga titled Inshin no Yuki (The Tidings of Snow).

The manga’s story follows a girl who neither likes or dislikes anything at all. But one day, a cheerful boy changes her perception, as she realises that maybe she does like snow after all.

The manga won Bessatsu Margaret’s 609th “Manga School” competition, which they hold every month for new mangaka. However, this one raised a lot of heads, not just because of the mangaka’s age, but because it won in a contest with no age restriction. In other words, the 13-year old aspiring mangaka beat out older and probably more experienced competition. The work also impressed many readers, as well as critics, which is difficult even for adult mangaka to pull off.

Source: Bessatsu Margaret magazine (March 2019 issue) and @shigeruya