Looks like we’re getting something new for NisiOisin’s Monogatari series. This is because the franchise website, as well as the Zoku Owarimonogatari anime website, has launched a countdown timer. And in typical NisiOisin fashion, it features words instead of numbers.

Just NisiOisin being NisiOisin, I guess…

It’s still a mystery what this countdown might lead to. However, we may find out next week as the timer reaches zero. In the meantime, fans can only speculate what it might announce.

Expect the website to reveal the big news soon enough. As for Zoku Owarimonogatari, the film opened in Japan last November. It will later have a 6-episode TV anime run before getting its DVD and Blu-Ray releases on 27th February and 27th March 2019.

source: MoCa News