Singles, you know that it’s already the 14th of February. This means that it’s Single Awareness Day, or as those riajuu normies call it, Valentine’s Day. And as the day approached, several men from Japan’s Kakumeiteki Himote Domei (Revolutionary Alliance of Unpopular Men) marched in Tokyo to protest Valentine’s Day!

They braved the cold and frigid temperatures of the Tokyo winter to voice their concerns against Valentine’s Day. The group spoke against the tradition of handing out chocolates to people you like on every 14th of February.

Their protest was peaceful, and even had police escort. And as the group passed through the strrts of Shibuya, they chanted “Crush Valentine’s Day”! The group also called for the crushing of romantic capitalism, and warned people not to let the conspiracies of candy companies control them. Yes folks, remember, if you don’t get chocolates today, you’re safe. Why? Because you won’t get to eat sweet treats that will eventually lead to diabetes of course! So please don’t accept that chocolate because you might become diabetic.

Their leader, Takayuki Akimoto, also told people not to judge other people not to judge a person’s worth by the amount of Valentine’s chocolates they received. He also said that it’s wrong to make fun of unpopular people.

And the group doesn’t just plan on protesting against Valentine’s Day, but other romantic days. This includes White Day and Christmas, the latter being the most popular date night in Japan.

source: Sora News 24