Get ready to laugh out loud, as the hilarious, lovable, and often-controversial Chiitan is getting her own TV show. And yes, this will be a TV anime! TV Tokyo’s children’s programming block Kinder TV revealed the new anime, along with this key visual:

The new anime will air via TV Tokyo, and it will be part of their Kinder TV programming block. And since this is Chiitan, remember not to try what she’s doing at home, OK?

Chiitan is an Asian small-clawed otter “fairy baby” who is also “eternally 0-year-old”. She also has no gender, but people give her female pronouns.

As for her new anime, it will premiere on 3 April 2019, with Infinity Vision and East Fish Studio co-producing the animation. Natsuki Takemura will serve as both the director and character designer as well.

source: MoCa News