Detective Conan – The Fist of Blue Sapphire is coming to the South East Asian market. And from the new trailer, it seems like Singapore will be getting quite a bit of action.

Including the several explosive scenes involving Kaito Kidd, murder, child kidnapp and the destruction of the Marina Barrage?!

Also slightly hinted is the previously revealed, the promise of finally, an intimate relationship between Ran and Shinichi at the infinity pool~

See it for yourself,

Great choice on the location!

Here are 10 Scenes from this trailer that shows no doubt that the crew are in Singapore!

1.MBS – Marina Bay Sands

MBS from the other side

This view is seldom seen but you can see the world famous skyline, along with the Marina Bay Sand building.

2. Singapore Flyer

Guru guru gur

Nothing much to say here, Singapore’s only permanent Ferris wheel fixture. It’s said to be the tallest Ferries wheel when it was opened for business in 2008.

3. Police Car!

Picture Credit: l16812

Accurate to the car’s license plate!

4. PSA – Port Authority of Singapore

Kaito Kid is injured!

The “national bird” of Singapore, the cranes, is seen prominently in the background.

5. Hawker Center – Maybe Maxwell


A typical hawker centre!

They even have the Ca…. logo! Interestingly, they put two drinks stall together, which can be quite common.

Our colleague suggested that it might be Maxwell Hawker center.

6. Infinity Pool

Go Go Ran! Make the move!

7. MBS Light Show – SPECTRA

A 15 minutes long light and water show that have everyday between 8 to 9pm and till 10 on the weekends.

8. Marina Bay Financial Area

The new song by Hiroomi Tosaka is really quite catchy and We like it enough to feature this just to talk about it~

9. Gardens By The Bay

The terrorist would be attacking from where the Meadow is!!! Oh no!! It should have been a place of fun and joy, like the upcoming Anime Garden @ Gardens by the bay!

If you haven’t heard, the festival will be coming 30/31 March and it is hype!!!

10.Raffles Hotel??

This is Raffles’ Hotel? It sure looks like it here but when we zoom out. We aren’t so sure anymore.
Seems that we will have to catch the movie later this year to find out!

From ODEX, the schedule for the movie’s release in the various asian markets are,
• Singapore – early Jun 2019
• Malaysia – late Jun 2019
• Indoneisa – mid Jun 2019
• Philippines – mid July 2019

Do take note that the above dates are estimated scheduled releases and not a confirmation.

Confirmed dates of release will be announced at a later date via the distributor’s Facebook Page.