Doraemon is back with a new film, and he’s taking Nobita and the gang to the moon! Its title is Doraemon the Movie: Chronicle of the Moon Exploration and the staff have revealed not one, not two, but SIX new key visuals. All of them feature the moon in some kind of way.

They call the six new visuals as “Moon Visuals”. In fact, Comic Natalie has streamed a new video compiling all six visuals via their YouTube channel:

The film will be focusing on the Japanese folkloric tales of rabbits living on the moon. It will follow Nobita, Doraemon, Gian, and friends as they travel to the moon. However, Diabolo and his subordinatre, Goddard, are standing on their way. They also meet the mysterious Luna, who lives on the far side of the moon.

This will be the 39th film in the franchise, and will premiere on 1 March 2019. They have announced that popular actress Alice Hirose will be voicing Luna for the film.

source: Comic Natalie